Flash floods chasing, Floods first wave

Flash Floods Chasing

Flash floods are very dangerous, some say they come quickly and often catch people by surprise. For me, all of this is just a big lie, otherwise how can you explain me waiting for 6 hours to see this amazing river come back to life?

Israel’s Wadi Zin, is a deceptively dry riverbed most of the time. Wadi Zin is a 120-kilometer-long intermittent stream in Israel's Negev desert in the south of the country.

Capturing this rare footage of a recent flash flood is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The Zin Wadi floods almost every, year but to get there on time in order to see the first wave isn't a simple task.

It's involves spontaneity and plenty of luck. You have to be very spontaneous in order to take a quick glimpse on the rain radar and decide that you are heading south to the desert in the middle of a working day, 

Wadi Zin, Israel - January, 2015

your ride (preferably - a 4 wheeler) must be ready and well equipped in case you'll get stuck for several hours because of road blocks (when it's raining in the desert some of the roads flood very quickly). There are many 'luck' factors in the flash floods equation. It's hard to read the rain radar and understand how heavy the rain will be in the next few hours, once flooding starts you need to predict how long it will take the water to get the the falls and you always hope it will happen before dark (you don't want to get stuck in the middle of the desert when it's dark).

Enjoy the short movie and sorry for the poor quality, it was my first time and I got excited :)

Still, it’s pretty cool to watch a river come back to life with a flash flood – especially in the middle of the desert after waiting for so long. By the way, the dog survived.

Wadi Zin, Israel - March, 2014

Flash Floods - Dragot river, Floods first wave

Dragot river, Israel - January, 2013