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Increasing awareness for PTSD



Oct, 2nd


Cap de Creus



My Mission

  Increase awareness for PTSD  

In November of 2020 I had knee surgery. During the recovery process, I set a goal to walk the 800-kilometer GR11 trek. A year later, I published a book in Hebrew about my personal story of coping with PTSD. After the book was published, many people wrote to me about their reading experience and how it affected them. I received messages from people who live among others suffering from PTSD, and people who have PTSD themselves. This is when I understood how little people know about post-traumatic stress disorders and how important it is to publish the book in the English language.
In July 2023, I published the English version of the book and decided to embark on a journey to increase awareness for PTSD.
Walking 800 KM for PTSD is the first step on this journey.

GR11 Map

The Route

  GR11 - 800km, 37 days  

A sea-to-sea trail – crossing the Pyrenees mountains from the Atlantic coast to the Mediterranean. The route has a total elevation change of 39,000m and reaches top peaks of 3,330m. It ends in Catalonia, which became my home for the past 6 years. :)

Buy Book

Support My Journey

  Read My Book  

You can support my journey in increasing awareness for PTSD by reading my book.

I hope that as part of my dedication of walking the GR11, I’ll meet people from all around the world who will help me spread the word and tell my story.

I would be grateful to be introduced to any relevant organizations or people in your country.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions.

GR11 PTSD book

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  Omri Ginzburg  

About me

UX Designer | Product Manager | Author | DIYer

I was born in Israel and raised in the shadow of my father's and uncle's physical injuries sustained from war. At the age of 18, I enlisted for mandatory service in the Israeli Defense Force.
At age of 22, I was sent to command troops in the Second Lebanon War (2006). When the war was over and I crossed the fence back to Israeli territory, I felt the immense relief of getting out of there in one piece. I didn't yet understand that another war was about to begin – the war on post-traumatic stress disorder.
In 2017, I moved to Barcelona, where I started writing about my experiences in an attempt to find an answer for my nightmares. It wasn’t until I read my whole story that I was able to understand the reason for my torment.I was also made aware of how little people know about PTSD and about the story of no return from war.

For this reason, I've published my book and embarked on a journey to increase awareness for PTSD.

Omri Ginzburg GR11
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GR11 2023
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