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Owner's list

91 Suzuki Pickup owners from around the globe.

Australia, Namibia, Argentina, Ecuador, USA, Canada, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Jordan, Japan, Indonesia, Iceland, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Italy, Israel, Lebanon, Austria, Turkey, Trinidad and Tobago, Sweden, Germany, Kosovo and more.

Some are Suzuki Samurai restoration projects and some are original stock pickups.

Fredie's Samurai Pickup

Year: 2007

Location: Kananga, Philippines

Story: Original Pickup with a tipper and 1.6 G16a engine from a Vitara.

Diego's SJ413K

Year: 1986

Location: Quito, Ecuador

Story: This is the only SJ413K in Ecuador. This truck ended up in Ecuador after it was donated by the Japanese government to the Catolic church. I was negotiating this for 8 years until I was able to buy it.

Øystein's SJ413k

Year: 1986

Location: Norway

Story: I got it from the original owner, I believe he was around 90 at that time. He was really sad to see it go. The first phase aws to fix the rust in the cabin and front fenders and fit them to  31" with no lift. I also installed a VW 1.9tdk. It was my daily driver up until 2011 when I got a 05 Jimny for daily driver instead. It`s currently undergoing a full restoration. The frame is welded and needs sand blasting and paint. The cabin needs a little work but not muchIt will be 100% stock except seats and an M-series engine.

Cougar's SJ413k

Year: ​​ 1985

Location:  Seattle, WA, USA

Story: Swapped into 1.6 8v tracker motor, 6.5.1 t-case and 32 inch super swampers.

Duncan's SJ413k

Year: ​​ 1985

Location: New Zealand

Story: First vehicle, done it up with the old man.

Adir's SJ413k

Year: ​​ 1988

Location: Hamerkaz, Israel

Story: A rare 88' SJ413k with a pickup tipper. 

Robert's SJ413k

Year: 1986

Location: Västervik, Sweden

Story: Painted it 2007 and changed engine to G13B. Made the wood sides and also the floor.

Now it has not been used for a few years, so I have to fix it again.

Ilan's SJ413k

Year: 1987

Location: Hamerkaz, Israel

Story: I bought this car from the original owner.  Before i got it, it was out of use for 2 years, sitting under a tree which cause  plenty of rust and corrosion in the cabin roof. After restoring the roof I did a paint and body work for the whole car and build a unique wooden bed. This pickup serves my business for Tiny drilling machines on a daily bases and I'm not going to sell it!

Joel's SJ413k

Year: 1985

Location: Brockville, Ontario, Canada

Gabriel's SJ413k

Year: 1985

Location: New Brunswick, Canada

Story: Under restoration process. Currently, working on the cab, gonna put a 8 inch lift kit with 35s tires and square tubing rocker panel.

Holger's SJ413K

Year: 1988

Location: Norway

Story: Daily driver. Homemade truck bed from a trailer.

Pelle's SJ413k

Year: 1986

Location: Norrköping, Sweden

Story: This truck is in restoration process. Currently, out of all Swedish SJ trucks, this one is in  best condition. I have mounted a shackle revers kit from Calmini. I have a 31/10.50-15 on 10" wide rims that will be mounted soon.

Andrea's SJ413k

Year: 1987

Location: Varese, Italy

Story: SJ413k modified and restored by, with addition of power steering taken from a Suzuki Jimny, 4 " lift kit, 31x10.50r15, full led lights, afn front bumper, tk44 alloy wheels.

Vegar's SJ413k 1 of 2

Year: 1987

Location:  Hallingdal, Norway

Story: Stock pickup, my daily driver, just keeping it in shape so it is road legal.

Vegar's SJ413k 2 of 2

Year: 1987

Location:  Hallingdal, Norway

Story: In restoration process. It had severe corrosion damage on the floor and some on the frame. Will try to get it road legal with Samurai axles, bigger engine and lift suspension. 

Moe's SJ413k

Year: 1987

Location: Norway

Story:  It has been stored in a garage for about 20 years, and hasn't been washed for even longer Not that rusty, and still got the original back wall. 

Anthony's SJ413k

Year: 198X

Location: Kirkfield, Ontario, Canada

Story: The year part of the VIN plate has succumbed to rust, I know it's 80's vintage. Just bought it cheap online. Needs so much work. I've had about 20 Sami's, this is my first pickup.

Jesper's SJ413K

Year: 1987

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Story: Recently, Imported from Norway, soon to start a full restoration process.

Johann's KJA

Year: 1987

Location: Austria

Story: I've imported the precious from the UK. Then I've imported an SJ410K from Germany in pieces for the restoration project (only main parts without engine, gear-system and electric).

Mark's KJA

Year: 1986

Location: Yeovil, Somerset, UK

Story: I'm about to start factory spec restoration of my SJ413k. I also have a hard top and soft top SJ both original none restored low mileage cars. I got 2 more pickups that I bought to use for donor parts for the restoration and have managed to buy quiet a lot of new old stock parts for the restoration.

Nigel's SJ413 KJA (Louis' father)

Year: 1986

Location: West Midlands, UK

Story: Owned, used and abused for many years. Now indoors and having a rebuild. 

Louis' KJA (Nigel's son) 1st truck

Year: 1986

Location: West Midlands, UK

Story: I recently bought myself a Suzuki 413 KJA in poor condition and I am now starting the rebuild. In the hope of having one just like my fathers KJA (Nigel). 

Louis' KJA (Nigel's son) 2nd truck

Year: 1986

Location: West Midlands, UK

Story: G16B, Hilux diffs, ARB air lockers, 4.5 centers, 4.9 transfer, power steering, 85 liters fuel tank, 80 liters water tank, front and rear winches, twin N70Z batteries in the engine bay.

Barry's SJ410k

Year: 1985

Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Story:  This is my street legal hunting truck. Stock body with  2L EFI engine, Dana 44 with Currie 9 in axles 538 gears. Hydraulic tilt box , disc brakes, line locks no room f/ trans brake. 5.5 inch frame lift. 3 winches front, rear and roll bar. 

Moe's SJ410k

Year: 1985

Location: Norway

Story:  SJ410k built as a SJ413k, With Samurai axles, Swift GTi 1300 engine and it's lowered 3/4". Should be something different.  

Omri's SJ410k

Year: 1984

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Story: Originally this truck owned by a shepherd. For many years he didn't use it and sold many of the truck parts while it rusted on his property. I've been working on it for 3 and a half years. Restored it as stock as possible.

Cliff's SJ410K

Year: 1982

Location: Southern Ontario, Canada

Story: I have been looking for a SJ410K or LJ81 for several years but with little success of finding a salvageable one. Little did I know there was a 1 owner, with 68,000 original KMs sitting in a Garage for 12 years less than 3km from my house.
As soon as it went up for sale I purchased it, overall it is in pretty good condition, needs floors for the cab as well as the bed needs its floor done and some work on the gates of the bed.
My plan is to put some 2" lift springs on it and mount some 31"s, possibly even adding a dump bed.

Dwayne's SJ410k

Year: 1982

Location: Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada

Story: Bought it in pieces in Yellowknife NWT.
Put it back together started driving it South with a 1986 LWB. Timing belt broke. Returned to tow it home. Now preparing to have it inspected with the necessary repairs.

Jarosław's SJ410k - Special edition- 1:10 RC model

Year: 2019

Location: Strzegom, Poland

Story: A 1:10 replica of Project SJK. The body is made out of polystyrene, the frame is made out of aluminum and steel.

Johannes' SJ410k

Year: 1986

Location: Finland

Story:  Work in progress... Samurai driveline swapped.

Christian's SJ410k

Year: 1986

Location: Tromsø, Norway

Story: Pretty stock and run down. Rolling restoration. Got a set of LJ80 diffs with 4.56:1 gears, a 4.16:1 tcase and a locker for the rear Axle. Already got a 50mm lift and some 235/75r15 tires on it.

Howard's SJ410k

Year: 1985

Location:  California, USA

Story: Truck is originally from Island of Kauai in Hawaii. I've owned the truck for 4 years but only in the last 4 months have had the money to get it on the road. It now has a 1.6L 16 valve Vitara engine with a Samurai 5 speed transmission.

Paul's SJ410k

Year: 1983

Location: Germany

Liman's SJ410k

Year: 1985

Location: Ferizaj, Kosovo

Jason's SJ410k

Year: 1982

Location:  Chilliwack, B.C, Canada

Story: The original SJ cab has rotted away, a soft top Sami body has been swapped on with the 410k cab corners. It has a 1.6 out of a tracker paired with a 2wd trans and a crawl box for a t-case.

Raymond's SJ410k

Year: 1984

Location: Lebanon

Story: 318i BMW engine, Gear 410, Samurai differential And 31x10.5x15 tires.

Biggi's SJ410k

Year: 1983

Location: Iceland

Story: Completely stock, it’s an unrestored and well preserved completely original car apart from transfer case and 1 fender that have been replaced. Only one left in Iceland and one of few imported to this country of 300.000 people.

Tanner's SJ410k

Year: 1984

Location: Nova Scotia, Canada

Story: Got it from a local field and in the progress of restoring it. I've been driving Suzukis since I was 7 and want one for the road. This truck is getting 1.9tdi swapped and tuned .

Dergham's SJ410k

Year: 1985

Location: Amman, Jordan

Story: I bought this truck in a bad condition. I restored the truck myself and fitted Toyota GT engine (4age) and Samurai axles.

Colin's SJ410k

Year: 1983

Location: Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Story: This is the seventh truck built in 1983 and went through a three year complete restoration to almost stock original. I did slip in a 1989 G13B DOHC 16 valve to help haul the bigger loads.

Ole's SJ410k

Year: ​​ 1984

Location:  Oslo, Norway

Story: This is our SJ410K pickup, its waiting for restoration.

Christian's SJ410k

Year: ​​ 1982

Location: Puerto Rico

Story: This Suzuki has been family owned basically since new. The original owner was my grandfathers uncle, who sold it to my grandfather, who passed it down to my father, which passed it down to me. My father completely restored it. We took the decision to swap the engine it for a Samurai 1.3L along with the transmission, leaving the Transfer case and diff stock. Now it runs a modified 1.3L with a weber carb, crankshaft, bored pistons and 290 cam. It has that nice little roar that gives you the adrenaline that you're in something big and mad, but it's just a tiny matchbox. 

Zack's SJ410k x2

Year: ​​ 1982

Location: Virginia Beach, VA, USA

Story:  Spotted by a good friend and after some talking I purchased both from an elderly man a few hours from my house. Both 1982's. I've had them since 2009.

Jefrry's SJ410k

Year: ​​ 1991

Location: Balikpapan, Indonesia

Evyatar's SJ410k

Year: 1984

Location: Jordan Rift Valley, Israel

Story:  As you can see, Evyatar is about to start his restoration and upgrade project soon. This truck started it's life in a Kibbutz in the south of Israel. This 84' pickup is well known as the 'Water Suzuki' because it was the plumer's pickup for many years. Updated photo and restoration build coming soon.

Calum's SJ410k

Year: 1989

Location: Christchurch, New Zealand

Story: Winch challenge truck. I've had it for four years and slowly built it up.

Jacob's SJ410k

Year: 1983

Location: Napier, New Zealand

Story: Bought my SJ off a retied farmer and came with a spare reconditioned motor.
I own an apricot orchard, so will use the SJ for carting stuff around, but seems to spend more time in the shed getting upgraded!

Alex's SJ410k

Year: 1983

Location: Québec City, Canada

Story: The goal was to get a reliable and fun little truck that will be driven all day, all year long, on and off the road. For good road manners I wanted it to be as low as possible, without looking weird.
It has stock diffs with 4.62 and 33 because I loved that combo on my previous DD.

Elad's SJ410k

Year: 1984 

Location: Israel

Story: Just bought this rare pickup truck, I plan to restore it stock with some upgrades. This truck used to serve a small horse farm in the north of Israel. 

Farkas' SJ410k

Year: 1983

Location: Oahu, Hawaii

Story: My truck was originally a pineapple farm truck on the island of Lanai. My 1983 SJ410 k is currently in pieces being restored. The picture is before the work was done, an updated picture will be posted once I’m done.

Jack's SJ410k

Year: 1984

Location: Nowra, Australia

Story: This is my girl I got her off my pop with rust here and there. I've slowly brought her back to life, fixed her up and now it's my Daily.

Oscar's SJ410k

Year: 1984

Location: Costa Rica

Story: This is my project from Costa Rica. I am very happy for share my project with the SJ-K community.

Yochanan's SJ410k

Year: 1984

Location: Kfar Shmaryahu, Israel

Story: Unique look with updating plants.

Kane's SJ410k

Year: 1984

Location: Queensland, Australia

Story: Ruf 1.6 coil pack w/t diffs 97 front clip interior wrx seats soon to be coil overs and links.

Christopher's SJ410k

Year: 1989

Location: Chaguanas, Trinidad and Tobago

Story: It's has a little 1.3 engine pushing some 36" tractor tires on 16x10 Mickey Thompson rims , 3" trail gear springs an skyjacker shocks.

Paul's SJ410k

Year: 1983

Location: Warkworth, New Zealand

Sanditrepes' SJ410k

Year: 1987

Location: Bandung, Indonesia

Sagi's SJ410k

Year: 1984

Location: Ha'merkaz, Israel

Story: 1.6L engine with SJ413 axles and 5 gear transmission. 6.4:1 transfer case gears with 30’’ tyres on Calmini suspension. Added power steering as well. Sagi is the new owner of this truck and about to upgrade this rare pickup.

Rodger's SJ410k

Year: 1982

Location: Regina, Sask, Canada

Story: Survivor, stock except vitara rims.

Zukifreek's SJ410k

Year: 1984

Location: Alberta, Canada

Ben's SJ410k

Year: 1982

Location: New Zealand

Story: Work in progress. More details and updated picture of the painted pickup coming soon.

Szymon's SJ410k

Year: 1985

Location: Poland

Hot-Wheels' SJ410k

Year: 1983

Location: Quebec Canada

Story: I bought that truck 20 years ago,sold it 10 years ago. Found it back on the net and buy it back to retore it.(resto mod style) 1.3L motor,lj80 t-case mate with the original 1300cc t-case,5.12 axels gear (lincoln locker rear) and 1988 differential.

Kelly's SJ410k

Year: 1984

Location: White River, South Dakota, USA

Story: The Canadian winters were a bit harsh on this truck’s box sides so it has stake sides. The seats were completely ruined when I got it so they were replaced with Isuzu Trooper seats. Front and rear axles, engine, transmission, and transfer case are from an 89 Samurai. We used this truck daily and even delivered mail with it when the snow was heavy on the roads.

John's SJ410k

Year: 1984

Location: Ontario, Canada

Story: Picked it up from a local classified as a privately owned plow truck with full hydraulic Meyers. Was kept in very good condition but was maintained by a dealer so very little TLC or proper weld/fabrication. Was painted and very good looking though.