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Cover Image, ההוא שם בחוץ

He's out there

A journey of coping with post trauma

Book by Omri Ginzburg

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I’m lying in bed, motionless. My heart is beating fast, pupils scanning the room, looking for a clue to where he is.

Pitch black.

Someone is looking at me. I can feel it. He knows I’m here.

It’s a contest: He doesn’t want me to know he’s here, and I’d do anything so he doesn’t know I’m awake in bed.

I can’t make any mistake, can’t give myself away.

I’m lying on my side, trying to calm my breath. The tension in the air eases somewhat. But just then, out of the corner of my eye, I see the window and everything breaks apart again.

He's Out There

He’s there; a vague silhouette.

He’s looking at me.

I hear a noise from the living room and brace myself. The silhouette becomes a clear figure, then turns vague again. I stare at the window, trying to figure out if, out there, he has frozen, too.

Memories flood me, and in my head I start recreating the dream I woke up from. It was exhausting. I remember running; running far; running endlessly. All that time I was trying to run faster, but couldn’t. I wasn’t alone. There was a long line of people trying to escape. I ran first, but I wasn’t leading, more like trying to get the hell out first, at the expense of others.

I crossed the fence and looked back. The moment I turned my head, a shot was heard. The Russian guy running behind me fell at my feet. He was lying there motionless, his face down, but seemed to still be breathing. I grabbed his shoulder and turned him towards me. The sight was horrendous: most of his mouth was gone and at the center of his face was a huge gaping hole, one I could see the ground through.

I left his shoulder in panic and kept running. His body slammed back to the ground. I tried to run as fast as I could, but once again I wasn’t able to. I felt I was running so slowly, almost running in place.

I managed to escape.

The others didn’t.

I’m lying in bed, filling in the details of my dream, never taking my eyes off the silhouette. At times it looks like the silhouette of the mandarin tree outside my window. I can no longer make out the figure, but I’m certain he’s there.

He's out there.

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Thank you for such eye opening book that illustrates and clarifies things even for someone who has treating shell-shocked people for more than 40 years

Yair A.

His writing is special. It holds a combination of innocence and sincerity while successfully delivering even moments of rage and anger with a kind of peace

Avigail P.

This book is a must-read work of art for anyone living here in Israel or around the world!

Elad D.

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