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Restoration ProjecT

It took me 3.5 years to restore my SJ410 k pickup. Some consider these rare Suzuki pickups as a vintage pickup truck. 3.5 years for a complete restoration project, try to keep it stock as possible. It was a first time for me doing an auto restoration by myself without any previous experience.

The first year was dedicated to disassembling the truck and sand blast the chassis. The second stage focused mainly on restoring the vehicles’ body and doing metal work. 

The third stage focused on mechanical tasks regarding the engine, gear, transfer case, and axles.

In the third year, which is documented in the time-lapse video, I also reassembled the truck together.

Almost an entire year of putting together the pieces of the puzzle that led to a functioning matte-blue pickup truck.

The video

Engine rebuild

At first, I reassembled the engine ‘as is’. Unfortunately, the head gasket wasn’t in a good condition and cooling fluid found it’s way to the engine oil. I had to disassembly the engine head and rebuild it. Using the Suzuki owner’s manual, I learned how to assembly everything together and adjust the timing of the engine.

Engine Rebuild - F10a Suzuki pickup
Engine rebuild
Engine head rebuild F10a SJ410
Engine head rebuild
Engine head F10a
Timing Gun

Body restoration

Since the vehicle’s body was rotten and filled with holes, the second stage focused mainly on restoring the vehicles’ body and doing metal work. Using a Co2 welding machine, I've started to create little patches for all rotten metal. Luckily, I found a spare SJ410k body that donor some of the missing parts.

Bodywork - Hood
Bodywork Hood
SJ410 - Bodywork
SJ410 - Metal restoration
SJ410 - Bodywork
SJ40T - Bodywork
Bodywork - Windshield Corner
Bodywork -  Windshield Corner
Windshield Corner
Bodywork - Windshield Corner

Interior layout

Since the truck was standing out side for few years, without any cover, the interior of the car was a real mess. I've sent the original seats to an antique car specialist that sew them.

I glued a new cover to the dashboard, painted the plastic parts and repainted the gear lever caption. Even fixed the original 'built-in' Suzuki brand radio (well, it's a Clarion).

SJ410 Heater panel - before
Sj410 interior - before
SJ410 Heater panel - after
SJ410 seats - before
SJ410 seats - After
SJ410 transfer restoration
Shifter Gear SJ410
SJ410 Dashboard restoration 2
SJ410 Door restoration
SJ410 Suzuki Emblem interior

Chassis frame restoration

The frame was the only thing in good condition. Even though, I wanted a clean start. The frame was send to sand blast, and all the welds and connections were sealed. I also sprayed a thin coat of pitch to protect the new paint.

Chassis - Before restoration
Chassis frame seal
Chassis frame painting
SJ410k rolling Chassis

Finished stock pickup

After 4 years of hard work, I got a chance to drive my stock new truck on and off road.

Off road SJ410 pickup
Samurai restoration project
4wd Suzuki pickup
Sierra Ute

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